A sample of letters, e-mails andmessages from reades of I DID TELL I DID and readers wanting to read NOBODY TOLD ME
I bought your book "I did tell, I did" yesterday afternoon and have just finished it. I'm not sure if this is your personal email address that goes direct to you, or a work one that goes to the publishers, so I don't know if you will even read this. But I felt so inspired by your story that I had to write! I think it's amazing, and I think you are amazing. I cried through the book and was so happy to find that you are now happy! I think it goes to show that people can be happy after such terrible things have happened. I don't usually track down authors and email them, no matter how good the book, but I felt like I had to. I wish you all the best and I hope you feel very proud of yourself for having the courage to speak out, hopefully you will give others in the same situation some hope! You are an incredibly inspiring person!

Kind Regards Jessica x

Hello Cassie,

Few books make me feel the need to contact the author, I have a impulse to read all books on abuse that get published, i was abused myself and reading theses type of books makes me feel hope... hope that things will be ok in the end!

Your story made me cry so much, for you and also for myself! I think you are so brave and i hope you are proud of yourself for coming through despite all the odds!

Best of luck to you!

From Gemma x

I just wanted to say i've just finished reading your book. It caught my eye in Tesco on Sunday and i've been reading it as often as i can since then. It really really touched me and cannot imagine that someone had to go through what you went through. I really admire you and think its an amazing story.

Well done! looking forward to reading your next book.


my name is Rea im am 15 years old. Last week whilst in London travelling to Brighton, I was immediately drawn to your book. That sounds strange to me, considering I have never ever bought a book before. But for some reason, I picked up this one and just knew I had to buy it. But anyway, I began reading it and couldnt put it down. I arrived at my friends house in Brighton, and still sat there reading it. I finished it on that day.

I looked to contact you to say I found your story amazing. I was so touched by it, it made me cry throughout the majority of it. But there was also a part of me smiling, admiring your strength throughout times which were so much harder than anyone could imagine. I have a friend who was abused as a child, but luckily she spoke out early, and only had to suffer a few months of abuse from her Step-Dad. I have seen the impact this has had on her life so far, so I cant imagine how ten years would change a person.

Your book has also encouraged me to help children experiencing similar situations to speak out. I have decided to get involved in charitys supporting abused children.

Sorry to have bothered you, but I just felt I wanted to say your story has had a great impact on me, and it has chaged the way I think about things. I just wanted to thank you for writing it, I have found it has helped me to put my bad memories in a box. Although what I have experienced is nothing similar to you, it has still given me the ability to deal with those memories that haunt me at times.

I hope you are able to read this, thank you again for your honest and graphic description, im sure it will change many peoples lives.

Rea x

Hi Cassie,

I am writing to say how moved i am by your story. You are such a strong woman to write so graphically. I couldn't put your story down and read it in just two days, it caught my eye in the supermarket as i've read Harper Collins books previously, but this is by far the best and i thoroughly enjoyed it and will go on to read your other books. I found it very heartbreaking and poignant in parts but it had such a beautiful ending.

Best Wishes

Sara. X

William wrote via Andrew Lownie
hi theire i have just read i did tell i did by cassie harte and all i can say is wow it brought alot of memeries back to me about my life and how hard it was but it just proves that some people have had it harder than me im 34 years old now and i still remember things like it was yesterday . i just want to know wat other books cassie harte has done and to say that thats the best book ive ever read i cried at the book laft at it and shouted at it . plz plz replie

Donna wrote you an email: via Andrew Lownie

Message to be passed onto Cassie, I have just finished reading your book 'I did tell, I did' and every page made me think, oh my god, this could be the story of me, every word, every moment of abuse (the only difference being the man who abused me was not my dad but a neighbour), i too married men who treated me bad and never had acceptance from my mum, who also did not believe me about the abuse i suffered on a daily basis for many many years. Your story touched my heart deeper than anything ever has and i am so glad that your life has changed for the better, as has mine, again due to the unconditonal love of a very good man, who knows about my past and accepts me for the person i have grown to become. I just wanted to thank you for making me see what the truth is and that is that acceptance by a parent is not always whats important, i am me and i am loved for being me by the only person who is important and that makes me happy in myself as does your husbands love for you. M
y heart and thoughts go out to you and i will always remember your touching heart rending story for the rest of my life. Goodd luck for the future and thank you. Kindest thoughts Donna Nicholson

Im writing this with tears pouring down my face i have just finished reading your book which i only started last night, i cant find the right words to say to you, im so glad you wrote the book i hope it will be able to help others who have been in the same situation as you find strength to face their own demons, it warms my heart that you did find love and happiness and youll always have those nobody can take those away.

Canít wait for NOBODY TOLD ME.
Yours truely


I have just read your amazing book and cried all the way through. I never realised that children could go through so much horror.It has inspired me to appreciate my own childhood so much more. Thankyou for your story and you should feel proud to have had the courage to Tell. Rhian.

I have read this book three times now, once on Saturday and now two more times since then. I found it amazing. So sad, yet with a happy message that you managed to turn it around. I can see it helping many children currently being abused, due to your honest description of feelings. Absolutely amazing story, and I cant wait for NOBODY TOLD ME to come out. I hope my email was the first of many to you x Rea

I have not felt as heart wrenched or touched since reading "Flowers in the Attic" as a teenager. What an amazing story of truth. Cannot wait for "Nobody Told Me". Laurie x

Beautiful, inspiring book, written with such talent and understanding. A great story, well worth the read! Well Done Cassie and Thank you x

Thankyou for writing this wonderfully truthfull book. I to was made to feel like the unwanted and ugly one of my sisters, i still carry this with me to this day and feel so horrible about myself, but reading your book has made me feel stronger about confronting the people who ruined my childhood. thankyou x
rosie Posted:

Just finished reading your book. It was so sad what you have been through. I hope that Jack does get in touch with you one day. Your parents can't really call themselves parents.Its a shame that your step dad didn't have the courage to stand up to them.Bit more of a happier ending to the book thank god. Glad love and happiness was found at last. joanne

First of all I want to say thank you for this amazing book. I am not a big reader, but read it one day. I cried my eyes out at the end.I am amazed how brave you've been, how much strenght you got and how much love you have to give. I wish you all the best and thank you again!
Vai Posted:
Nov 14, 2009 - 17:41:11
What an amazing book I couldn't put it down and cried all the way through. I admire how strong you are, how you have battled through life and come out the other side. I wish you all the happiness in the world Cassie and God bless you xx

Gemma Posted:
Nov 19, 2009 - 11:54:53
Hi. Your book was inspirational and overwhelming. My home is a broken down place and can become very difficult but after reading your book it inspired me to look on the right- side of things. As so far my life has not been as traumatic as your own. I emphasise with you and you are the true meaning of a full-spirited and strong women. I look up to as you are very inspiring. Thank You For Sharing You Story not matter how traumatic it was, it needs to be heard. Sonia x

hello,my wife and i read your truley inspirational book on our honeymoom,she takes the credit for buying it,and reading it first,she then passed it onto me,saying you'll like reading this,well i read it in a couple of days,i couldnt put it down.(my wife also read it in a couple of days,she couldn't put it down either)you showed great strength through out the yrs,and i'm glad you have 2 lovely daughters and met a wonderful man and settled down with him now,i enjoyed reading the part where you met your half brother and then tracing your long lost school friend,that was a nice happy feeling,i read this bit twice,as i say we were on our honeymoon,and i didnt expect i would be reading such a wonderful inspirational book,i dont really read much,we left it in the hotel library where we were staying so hopefully your book will be read there a lot more.hope one day your son (jack in the book)as the courage to meet up with you again,hopefully he would understand a lot more if he catches your book.well i wish you all the best in the future.and i can only say you are a remarkable lady.paul

have just finished your book. Took me one day to read. I am truely inspired by your courage in writing this for all the world to read. You are an amazeing lady.. Love and best wishes in your happier future. x
Gaynor Posted:

Always keep smiling Cassie because you deserve it and always believe that you do. xx
jules Posted:

Nov 25, 2009 - 20:54:37
Hello Cassie,

Few books make me feel the need to contact the author, I have a impulse to read all books on abuse that get published, i was abused myself and reading theses type of books makes me feel hope... hope that things will be ok in the end!

Your story made me cry so much, for you and also for myself! I think you are so brave and i hope you are proud of yourself for coming through despite all the odds!

Best of luck to you!

From Gemma x

Dear Cassie,

I can imagine I'm not the first & certainly won't be the last to contact you over your book "I did tell, I did".

I just picked up your book out of Tesco's by chance & wasn't expecting it to affect me the way it did.

I read it within 2 days, just couldn't put it down & cried my heart out on so many of the things you endured.

I'm currently going through counselling at the age of 45 & have been for over a year now, due to the affect on my life having been ill treated by a mother who clearly didn't want me, growing up to be so desperately loved, hence making wrong decisions all along the way.

I never had to endure the sexual abuse you went through though, which I just can't imagine how you coped with. How you never tried to take your own life to get out of the situation, only goes to prove how much strength you really did have in you.

It makes me feel weak, having tried to take my life on numerous occasions & running away from home, when I couldn't put up with being hit anymore, for nothing!

It's just amazing how people cope in different ways. It seems you would rather have stayed in an abusive unloving household, rather than face having no where to go. Yet I on the other hand, couldn't care less if I had no where to go, I've had to pick up & start again so many times, this I find hard to understand.

My mother one day told me to pack as she'd had enough & was going to take me to a childrens home. I remember feeling excited at the prospect of getting away from her & making new friends, only to be disappointed when she told me we wasn't going.

But of course, I wasn't going through the sexual abuse you were & being told that basically worse things would happen there, so I guess this is why you were more afraid.

I do really feel so sad for the loss of your son to foster parents, then not being able to show your true emotions when finally meeting him, but this was you protecting yourself, as you thought at the time it was a 'one off', so was no doubt too afraid to put your heart through that all over again. I really hope he or his wife get to read your book & understand a bit more, about the situation.

My 1st husband ending up bringing up my children, because of being guided wrong by solicitors & being so naieve, not realising I could have got a 2nd opinion & not having any one else to turn to, because you're kept away from so many things in your life, I am still finding out things to this day, that people can't believe I didn't realise.

Anyway, Your book is going to open up a 'can of worms' for so many people out there, that you will have endless amounts of people contacting you everyday as they read your book.

Being brought up in the next decade, I think the effects of tranquilizers were better known then, so I wasn't put on any thing like that, infact I was given nothing to help me cope, but now it's realised that I've needed anit-depressants all of my teenage-adult life & now being on the right one, I am much more able to cope.

When my mother died I couldn't show any emotion & people thought I was cruel/evil, but when they don't know what you endure, the last thing I was going to be was what I call "false", like her. I so badly wanted to ask her "why" when she was dying, but just couldn't bring myself to. Watching her suffering from dying of cancer, I just use to sit & look at her & I hated not having any feelings whatsoever, yet a mothers love seems to be something so important, I was never good enough, whilst my sister was always talked about favourably.

Well, I don't know where i'm really going with this now, so I'll sign off, but I'm so glad for technology & being able to have this chance to contact you.

You are one brave (little girl/woman) & you deserve all the success you get. You will probably hear a lot more stories from others who have suffered, some along the same lines as yourself & maybe even worse. I hope you are strong enough to deal with this now & admire you for telling the world how awful it has been for you.

There are so many questions I want to ask, maybe to help me to understand how to cope a little better myself & you haven't mentioned you had counselling at all! My counselling is not just talking, it's a process named EMDR, which is a different type, but has been most beneficial.

I will be discussing your book with her on my next visit, to work through how it's made me feel.

I so wish I could give you a BIG HUG, it may seem strange coming from a stranger, but I wish I could have been there to help you in some way!

I wish you and your family all the very best & good luck with your next book, that I know will be beneficial for so many other people out there, who have been traumatised by the awful drugs that you were put on for such a long time.

Best wishes,


Keeley sent you a message.

(no subject)

"hiya, how are you? are you really the girl from the book? if so iv just finshed readin ur book, i read alot of true storys but urs was the most upsetting book i really felt for you, youv done well and ur very strong xxxxxxxx

Hi Cassie i have tried to leave feedback here is what I'm going to put but i cant seem to post it on your website

First of all id just like to say i always argue with my mother and your book has truly made me realise how lucky i am to have her....Your book was one of my favorites i have a big collection of books and yours will be put at the top of my favorites pile :D

I haven't put the book down since i started reading it 2 days ago and yes i cried because your son hasn't realised what pain and suffering you have been through and i feel he is very selfish at saying he doesnt need you because truly one day i believe he will need you and i hope he does, This really makes me feel sad. I am sad and disgraced at how the social services system worked. Your childhood has to be truly one of the worst i have read about but i am glad you have your family and made your way in life, another thing i am sad about is that Steve was your brother because that was truly unfair of the women that destroyed your life.

110% Recommended

If you would like me post this onto your website please let me know how

Naomi xx

Thank you Cassie for taking the time to reply to my letter, you must be very busy, so it's very much appreciated.

Have a good festive season & I wish you all the luck & love you can possibly have in the future. I am full of admiration for you, for your strength & courage to carry on & be the best you can/could when all the odds were stacked against you, you never gave up!

There must be a special place in 'Gods Kingdom' for Angels like you, who no doubt will help others to have the same strength you did & to never give up hope, when all else seems to be against them.

You're one very special person & I bet your husband is so proud of you.
Take care!

Love & best wishes

From Vikkie x

Dear Cassie,

I have just finished reading your book ĎI did tell, I didí, you are an extraordinary brave and inspiring woman, you just carried on bravely throughout your life, you are remarkable Cassie, words cannot describe. You should be so so proud of yourself. I canít wait to read your next book, NOBODY TOLD ME.
Iím a woman of 30 and since I was a child I have suffered bouts of depression. 12 months ago I slowly came off fluoxetine but over the months the depression has been building up, I have tried to brush it off and fight it, but some days I canít even get out of bed because of these dark moods where I hate myself and everyone around me. Iím making a GP appointment this week to maybe get back on the floxentine, now I know the drugs you had are different to nowadays but I canít help but think the medication makes me not the real me and numbs me, although my life is so much better and happy when I do take the tablets.
What do you advice me to do Cassie? After reading your book I felt like and still do I need a good hard slap and wake up I had a good upbringing and have never suffered abuse, I just sink into these black dark moods at times and the next day Iím perfectly fine. I donít know or understand why Iím like this. Is there something more I can do than drugs and counselling (I tried that didnít work). I need help

Valeria 06 December at 17:07
Just finished ur book... And really I so much understand those feeling what u were writing in there. How elt unloved and unwanted. How muc I understand it. And really thanks for that book, it would make me to be stronger...
Love Valeria

Hello Cassie my name is Andrea. I have just read your heart wrenching book. Obviously you dont know me but I would like to add you as a friend, I would like to possibly ask your advise on some things. Thank you for taking the time to look at my friend request.

Hi Andrea
Thank you for your e-mail. I hope you 'enjoyed' my story and in some way it helped you. Yes I will accept a friend request from you if you send one. Take care Luv Cassie x

08 December at 22:28
Thank you so much for replying to me...I wouldnt say I enjoyed it.....It was not that dis- similar to my own childhood....I have been thinking about writing a book about my experiences....for quite some time now but dont now where to start. I too have a mother who did not believe me either. Anyway I wont hassle you as it is very late now. I had just finished reading your book not 15 minutes ago and had this sudden urge to look for you. I am so happy that you have now found a lovely kind man like your husband Daniel. I believe in fate and that we sometimes sadly have to go through great pain and suffering. I dont know why but some of us do...Anyway take care. Hopefully we can talk again soon

Andrea x
i think u are the bravest human being i have ever read about.

I had a fairly normal childhood so cant imagine what you went through.

i know you must get a dozen emails like this every day.

I find it hard to think that there are children and people that go through what you went through every day.

i have made a promise to myself since reading your book that im going to start appreciating my life for what it is and stop sulking about stupid things....and thinking my life isnt good when i can see that it is.

Thank you Cheryl.x

Lisa posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"Cassie, thank you so much for accepting my friend request. I got your book out of the library the other day intending to read it over the holidays. However, I started reading it today and could not put it down! I read it in 3 hours (all my housework and packing to go away forgotten) and I have never been so moved by anything in all my life. I cried my eyes out and I just feel compelled to contact you and tell you how amazing you are to have endured all that pain and suffering. I really don't think I would have survived - it makes me want to do something to help people who are abused and to give you a massive hug! I hope you now realise through your family's love how special you are and that should never have happened to you. Sending you lots of love Lisa xxxxx"

hey Cassie, i dun sleep much and i am really intrested in your book so thought id find your website. Im 17 years old, Irish but living in Wales moved her 5 yrs ago. My best friend Cherrell took her life at 13 after being raped by a 39 year old air cadet man named Paul Nicholls serveral times, this gave me the courage to stand up to him, her death made me relise i had to come forward before another girl feels this horror and possibly takes her life too. To be honest i never read books but i saw urs and i thought i would buy it and see, it has helped me understand alot of things and relise alot, i have empathy which is a very strong emoution. i just wanted to know how much ur book has helped me as the peadophile that runied my life and cuz my mates death has only been convited 7 months x
Cody Christmas Day 2009

More from Christmas Day 2009

Thank you for The Name Compliment.

I do hope I feel more at ease when I read onwards. .

Thank you for replying. I just got onto my email and saw your reply, I got really happy to discover that you personally replied to my message.Thank you,again.

I bought it in South Africa,I actually went on holiday in South Africa,hehe. (In a book shop called, "CNA" )

I do travel with my family around the world and hope someday I'll be able to go to Britain,maybe to meet you.
I'm one of those Twilight fans and your story is so opposite the whole giddy Twilight atmosphere. Your story could be the reality of other children's lives and it makes me ashamed to know that there is nothing I could do to help.

>May I ask,why did you believe in 'Bill's' words so much? (E.g, Page 157.Line 15 onwards,Quote, "What would he think of you if you told him? He'll say,if you didn't like what was going on,why didn't you stop it?Why didn't you tell someone before?") I know you were young at the time but was there something more to it, that made you believe into his words.

>And another question: I presume that when I read it, it is totally different pain that I feel than you. What was your whole achievement based on after you wrote this story? Did your pain ease, in a way? ..

>And another question: Is this Bill character still alive? and what are your views on him now? ...

>If I may ask another question, Do you still think back to your the past events? .

When will "Nobody Told Me" be released? ..

Thank you Miss.Harte.
Have a Pleasant holiday and a beautiful 2010.
(I hope you'll be coming to South Africa for the Soccer world cup)

I hope you all the best for the holidays.


You are such an inspirational Woman and went through so much trauma and still live to tell the story. This story could help so many if they read it and so by doing a good service, I will recommend this book to many and ask them to pass on the message.

Thank you for letting us read this, many people would lead lives as such and not write it out for people to see. But you are Special and published this book so people with the same past as you could learn to tell if something such as sexual abuse was going on,I hope that life is giving you the best of gifts now.

God has blessed you in the end and he shall do it continuously.

Have a wonderful holiday with your family and God Bless.

Thank you Miss.Harte. You are a beautiful being.


Hi there,

Just wanted to let you know that I have just (yes just Ė at 02:54 on Sunday!!) finished reading your book and enjoyed (if that is the right term? Seems wrong somehow to have ďenjoyedĒ reading of anotherís misfortune...).
Having been abused myself by my dad (deliberately spelled with a small ďdĒ) I can identify with some of the issues and feelings you describe and know what you mean about finding love hard and stuff.
For myself the abuse I suffered still affects my life today and has been blamed for a disability I have which forces me to use a wheelchair and have certain other problems physically. I am on a daily regime of medication for pain, both physical and mental and often find myself awake at all hours suffering from flashbacks.

My GP is looking at setting up some counselling for me as I have had a few sessions in the past and found them to be beneficial.

Hope you are well and have had a good Christmas. All the best to you and yours and I look forward to seeing the next book.

Dan McIntyre
By Mr. Aj Bayliss - See all my reviews

I am not an avid reader but i read this book from cover to cover in a matter of hours. An honest,yet disburbing, excemptionally moving and inspirational story which grips you from the first page and although a turning of the page may bring on a new harrowing sad twist, whch leaves you feeling an aray of emotionals, turn the page you must to continue on with cassie through her tradgic, yet in my opinion, heroic life. Thank you to Cassie Harte an incredable strengh, for writing this exceptional book, it has surely touched, inspired and helped me and im sure it will many others. you are an inspiration!

A supremely honest and moving account of this woman's struggle against the odds, which held me from the first page to the last. It's the complete opposite of the sort of misery memoire that catalogues a tragic life story, because Cassie takes us on the inspirational journey of how she overcame it all.Silas

By Jb (england uk) - See all my reviews

This review is from: I Did Tell, I Did (Paperback)
I did tell i did has been without exception the best book i have ever ever read and i read a lot of books.
Cassie holds your attention from the beginning of the book right through to the end and beyond. Cassie offers her readers hope through the dark clouds and has inspired me to never give up.
Thank you so much cassie

Thank You so Much Miss.Harte.

Yes,I have just finished the book like a few minutes back, wow.
So much Drama . .and my heart went all warm and fuzzy when you re-united with your son but as I read on,my heart grew cold. Have you still no contact with 'Jack' ? . .

It was just a wonderful book to read, but I still can't help but wonder why you had such an awful past. One little girl had to face so much, the wrath of her mother and the abuse of her 'Father.' Such a heart sore read this book was.

I'm glad that your life took a turn for the best in the end and I can't wait for your next book to be released.

Thank you Miss.Harte.

Hi Cassie,

I have just finished reading your debut book, purchased as a christmas gift by my husband.

I have to say I have been truly gripped and much to my children's disappointment have spent the last two evenings totally engrossed and unable to put it down. The book was so open, honest and an emotional roller coaster. A page turner, that had me laughing, crying and gasping in disbelief.

I am currently a second year social work student at Uni Wales in Newport and feel that everything I am currently learning in terms of empowerment,anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice is so notably absent from all your previous encounters with so called social work and medical professionals.Whilst I find that painful, uncomfortable and in conflict with my social work values, it makes me even more determined that when I encounter others in similar situations to yours (which I undoubtedly I will), I will remember your story, your words and strive to listen and care.

I am deeply touched. You must be very proud of yourself.

Kind regards

Lu sent you a message.

Subject: Inspiration

Hi there,
i bought your book yesterday, and not even 24 hours later, i have finished it!
i am currently training to be a mental health nurse, and so many of the experiences you have been through i think would be staggaringly relatable to the individuals i work with.
i know words can never really express, but you are an utter inspiration, and i think alot of people will gain strength from reading your life.
eagerly awaiting the next book!
best wishes,
Lu x

Harrowing, inspiring, thought provoking.....I can only hope to be as brave as Cassie Harte., 2 Jan 2010

By Lynn (North East, England) - See all my reviews

From the first page to the last, you can not put this book down. Through all the harrowing things that happen one thing remains constant "Hope" often futile and misplaced but always there.

Although difficult to read in parts it's a book that will inspire anyone who reads it. Everyone who reads Cassies story will take something different away... but everyone will understand the need to listen to the children with no voices..... the children, who can not tell what is happening to them because the simply don't understand.

I have read many books like this one... but Cassies story although sad and very graphic in places is also compelling and gives hope to anyone who has suffered at the hands of an abuser.

Thank you Cassie for having the courage to tell your story and rest assured that you have inspired at least one person to listen carefully in the future!

Lady Martha-Sarah Catterson 03 January at 01:32 Report
I can't begin to tell you how amazing you actually are. I am not usually a "reader". However somehow i was drawn to your book even on the shelves and as i began to read it I then found it IMPOSSIBLE to put down. You have made me appreciate how wonderful my parents are and how perfect my childhood was. I am usually a complete "party girl" and don't even pick up a book for my university revision. But i stayed in on the weekend and avoided facebook (and if u knew me you'd realise just how much of a big deal that is) as I HAD to carry on reading your book. My sister walked in and said " OH MY GOD!! are you actually staying in, not on facebook and have a book in your hand" I then went on to tell her about your amazing book.. I even told all my friends about it before we all went out on new years eve then carried on all through the night lol. You are such an incredible women, to come out of all you've been through, strong. I don't think you realise how strong you are, you've had the courage to tell your story and by doing this you've made so many people appreciate there family and lives.There is no doubt you have helped so many children, parents will learn to look closer. So many victims of abuse will have the strength to come forward and speak out and look to the future. All because of YOU! I hope you find comfort in the fact that some good has come out of your horrendous childhood,you've helped and touched thousands. I feel as though I know you, as I've "seen" you grow from the vulnerable scared little girl to the incredible inspirational and independent woman you are today. I can't describe my hate towards Billy, your mum and the warmth towards your husband and daughters for finally making you happy. I truly believe your son forgives you and loves you, its just something he had to do for his "dad". I think it's brilliant how you and Lucy are best friends. Your family should be extremely proud, your many fans are extremely proud (including me) and most importantly you should be extremely proud of yourself. I wish you all the happiness in years to come ..you deserve it !

Lynn sent you a message.in reply to my thanking her forher review on Amazon



it is you who should be thanked, for being brave enough to bring this to the attention of the world. It is amazing how many people think child abuse is very very rare and not happening to anyone they know. Unfortunatley it is far more common than anyone wants to admit. We right the Kids sitting on street corners off as wasters... who get drunk and make trouble. We do not ask "Why" why are they not at home..? why do they feel the need to get drunk? why are they causing trouble.... Why are their parents not checking on them. If you believe the press its all peer pressure. kids with nothing to do, but that is only the symtom the cause goes far deeper.

I do not believe that we should live with suspision in our hearts, but the one thing I have learned form reading your book and many others is that, you should look a little deeper than just face value... and listen to what is not being said as well as what is being said.

I know many of my friends feel the same way and it is books like yours who have inspired us to be vigillan and to ask "Why" first and not jump to conclusion... It is only by people like you who share thier experience that allows people like me who have been lucky not to have suffered abuse of any kind understand what it is like and how it can impact on life for many years after.

Thank you for being you! and I wish you and your family all the best for 2010. May your hopes come true.....


Hi Cassie, bought your book 2 days ago and finished it already, couldn't put it down, its so heart breaking :( Considering im only 14 and read it in that amount of time, not really fond of reading, but adored your book. It was soo sad, i cried like near the whole way through it, its really awful, but such a great book at the same time. Im sorry what you had to go through! If you had a movie on this- IT WOULD BE AMAZING!Probably too sad though "/, well just popping by to say, that i love '' i did tell, i did'', i would rate it 10/10 and im soo sorry that happened to you, its so sad :( Nikki xxxx

I read your book today, on my way back to the US from the UK. You are so BRAVE. It is a story incredibly similar to my own. I have felt inspired and touched by your words. I thought I was the only one, and that by telling I would always be in terrible trouble....I still am with my mum. Thank you for sharing. Ss Lizzie

From Facebook. Readers asking about next book.

Fingers Crossed fo you cassie, I have just finished your book, its sooo amazing, and sooo sad about Your Son "Jack" And i was also glad you told in the end :)Luv Ruby x

Your doubt over your next book is unfounded as i know for a fact that your book will wipe the floor over other books. You have far to many readers waiting. If all failed i would get a petition going as i want to read it. xx Your book has got to be published or it ill cause a riot lol Gaynorx

Hi Cassie,

I have just finished reading your book, and I am in tears I have never been so shocked in my life to think that someone can be treated so badly and still be here to tell their story.

I want u to know that u r an inspiration, u are quite clearly a lovely person who was just unfortunate to be born in to such a living nightmare.

You are someone I will never get out of my head now, and I wish you all the happiness that you deserve in your life, and I am so pleased that you are finally happy.

Take care Cassie.

hi cassie, i read your book in the space of a few days because i wanted to get to the very end when you would say everything has turned around and you did. i am so pleased that you have a happy life now, i cried the whole way through. i think you are so brave to tell everything and you are officially my new hero. i have never been through anything what you have and your book has taught me to appreciate the people i have around me and my life. you are such an amazing person and everyone who has read your book loves you. xKirsty

I have literally just finished your book and I had to google you straight away to see if there was a website.

At times I have to put the book down for a couple of days because what you went through was just so horrific.

I hope that your story inspires anybody going through anything similar to realize that it isnít their fault.

This book is amazing, so well written and I think that it must have taken so much courage to re-visit the whole thing and write a book about it.

I am just so pleased that after all your years of suffering you now have a happy life, because this is no more than you deserve. Michelle 15th January 2010
Emma posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"Hey Cassie, I have just finished "I did tell, I did". What a story, what a life! I am shocked and upset at the horrors you have experienced, but i am more inspired by how you have turned your life around. You have came through so much abuse, deception and neglect and yet you have stopped taking the drugs and have a happy family and life. I hope things are still good for you and you continue to live life to the full and for yourself and your family. I admire your determination to control your own life. You are truely an inspiration. xxxx"

Tessa sent you a message.

Subject: Your book

Hello Cassie,

I read your book last year and simply could not put it down. I am very sorry for all the things that have happened to you in your life, but I also find it so extremly encouraging how you managed to turn your life around.

I have not have an easy life either but I am happy now and stories like yours are an inspiration for me.

Best Regards,

Allison sent you a message.

Subject: I did tell, I did.

I just wanted to thank you for writing your book.
I started reading it this morning and couldnt put it down.
I felt like I was reading words I had written, words that I have
not been able to voice.
Your book has helped me to think about why I am the way I am
without the sheer frustration of trying to put it all right and
knowing I have no way of doing so.
I to lost my son, have had an on going battle with people in authority, who try and act as god yet have no time or care to stop and see things as they really are.
I just wanted to thank you personally for writing your book.
I am thinking of buying another copy of it and giving it to my GP.
Thank you

Emma Hey Cassie, I have just finished "I did tell, I did". What a story, what a life! I am shocked and upset at the horrors you have experienced, but i am more inspired by how you have turned your life around. You have came through so much abuse, deception and neglect and yet you have stopped taking the drugs and have a ha...Allison sent you a message.

Hi Cassie,
I've just finished reading your book, OMG what an amazing and very brave person you are, not sure how you made it through all of that because i definatly struggled to read your book through tears, what a horrific life you poor poor thing, i hope you have found your happiness now,
Big love to you and your family Cassie Harte,
Stay brave and take care,
Clare c xxx-----

hello my name is stacey
sorry to bother you but i have just finished your book and it truly moved me the most well written book i have read in yearsjust
i started and finished it in the same day jus couldnt put it down. my mum thought the same she went through a major comedown on drugs but not the same drug . well im babbling your an inspiration hope your and your family had a fantastic chrsitmas .
god bless and best wishes

stacey x

Dear cassie harte

I am a 14 year old girl that has been taken over by your book.It has made me cry so much and made me think how my life is not as bad as i think. I know writing your life down in a book must have been really hard for you as so much has happend to you
I just want to say that when i was reading your book i wished i could of given you a big hug! I have not got to the end yet im on chapter 20 and cant wait too read the end.This is amazing for me as i never read books and for me to read a book so big,must mean it is really good.
I also have alot of family trouble but never as bad as you had it.
I just wanted to be able to wish you all the best for the rest of your life and thank you for your book :)
so much love cha-lee hall
ps my name is said like charlie but spellt like cha-lee :)

Rosie Smith hey cassie i havn't had the best childhood but it's nowhere near as bad as yours. i did tell i did is the most inspirational true story that i have ever read. you have experienced things that most people will not have to go through in 100 lifetimes. from the looks of things you had to grow up to soon. you are the stro...

Britta You really wrote an amazing book about your really sad childhood ..!
while I was reading I so wished I could help ( eventough I knew I wasnīt even born then)
I always knew I had special lovley parents and appreciate all they did and how they raised my sisters and me - but your book makes me appreciate them even more and...I`ve never read such a moving story, what you endured I could not begin to imagine.How you managed to turn your life around I`ll never know.
There must be hundreds of children out there, going through the same things that you went through,I could have been one of them, had my mum not cottoned on to what my uncle was up to.
Mum & I never ever spoke about it, I guess it was a taboo subject back in the 60`s & 70`s wasn`t it?
I`ve given my work mates regular installments of the book, & will now be passing it on to them to read.
Thanks for sharing your story .
Yours Julia

Hi Cassie, I have just finished reading your book and I just wanted to say that I admire you so much. You have managed to turn your life around and I hope that your siblings read your book and that you all build bridges in your relationship. I look forward to your next book x
Liz Hayes

Chloe sent you a message.

(no subject)

"hi is this the real cassie who wrote the book i did tell i did. i am in the middle of reading the book n your story is soo upsetting but a really good book aswel i havent got to the end yet but i really do hope u had a happy ending. you seemed like such a nice little girl n im sorry to hear the bad things that happened to you, you write in such detail which make it even more sad to read. i think i read that you are writing another book which i will get when its out so goodluck with that."

Hi Cassie, i was browsing books in Borders when i came across I DID TELL, I DID. I was hoping to find a really interesting book and i want to tell you that i did not regret purchasing this book..I look up to you with utmost admiration and i hope u will have a wonderful life ahead~! :)Salina Chung
Hi again Cassie! i would also like to add that you're a very strong person and i'm really happy for you that you have overcome those obstacles.. Your book is a great inspiration to every single girl in this world..even though i have not finished reading the book, i think it will be a book where i will hold close to my heart..Sincerely wishing u all the best~!
Salina Chung Posted:

Dear Cassie, I would sincerely like to thank you for writing about your life. I recall thinking, i"ll read a little now and some more tomorrow, I read the entire book in one afternoon. All I kept thinking was "oh my god, how can this be possible? why can't anyone see what's going on and DO something" i kept flipping to the front of the book looking into the child's eyes wondering about your mother's responses to you. Your belief and strength is beautiful. Your inner spirit is immense and ful of hope. I thank you for giving your gift to the world. Gift of honesty, courage and real.
Jo Giann Posted:

ps - the medical doctor's "help" was beyond irresponsible. The medical practice and psychiatric profession have a responsibility. So sad. It's a catch 22: we find ourselves fearing distrusting doctors and yet they're the one's we dumped with. Alternative medicine is snickered at by these doctors, whose interest it is to keep pharma companies making profits. Not all, just some. I was saddened by the mistreatment you endured by your doctors. pps - i was in tears when i read that you found love - i kept hoping and hoping and hoping that as you say throughout your book, one day god will be listening. he listened. must admit, i kept wondering if there was a god throughout your book. i was hoping you'r school friend's mum would somehow convince your mum that you staying there would be best and when that fell through I thought, 'god where are you for this girl, c'mon'. I'm so grateful you told and told again, this time your telling will also help others. may the sun's brightness and warmth follow you everywhere.
Jo Giann Posted

Sandra sent you a message.

Subject: hi

"Hello there, i felt i just had to say what a fantastic book i did tell is, and what an amazing and strong woman you are. It had me in tears and at times i found myself cheering out loud to it. I am going through a similar thing at the moment with my daughter and her father but you have given me the courage to see that people can get through awful ordeals, many thanks, Sandra.x"

Nerys posted something on your Wall and wrote:

"hi cassie i read your book, and the pain i felt 4you, was ultimate, i know you proberly dont think this at the time, but you must of been so strong as a little girl to go though all you did, every now and again whilst reading the book, i would stop and stare at my lil boy and wonder how any mother could put their child though all that, and it makes me squeeze my son even harder every day with all our cuddles, my heart goes out to you, and congratulations on your book, it must of been such a relief 4 you once you wrote it xx"

Stephanie sent you a message.

Subject: You're book

"Hi my name is Stephanie, and i thought that you're book was truely moving. You are a remarkable women for the fact that you can live with such a horrific childhood, and the memories that you have to live with, and make you're life after the struggle you had, something happy and to be proud of. But i think that it is amazing that you put you're past experiencies, however horrific, into words and let the world know about you. I am a fan of you're book. Bye."

Gaynor J sent you a message.

Subject: GOOD LUCK

"Hi Cassie, I hope you don't mind me sending this but im so looking forward to reading this new book and need to let you know how you have made me realise i can cope with anything. I have serious back issues and im currently unable to walk so im hauled up on the sofa. I would find it a great time to be reading your story. so i really hope that you get all the help and support from all who have grown to know and love you through your words and getting your new book published. sorry about my grammar not very good at writing.. Best wishes Gaynor no1 fan x"

you may have got an email from me mercy barno on facebook...
but also what i wanted to say is that although i havent heard of u before til i read 'i did tell i did' by u im startin to become a fan of your books
because ur book i did tell i did is i think the first ever true story book ive ever read and it really touches my heart
just wanted to say also that is there like a second like i did tell i did because i want to start reading your books
hiyaa cassie. I loved your book it was really touching and now it is going round all my friends who where eager to read it after my comments on it. Its so sad, your childhood isnt the best and probably is one of the worst. I really felt like i was you while reading it and i felt like shouting things at your mother, trying to get her to understand. Uncle Bill was a horrible man and as much as I never thought i would say this i was releaved to see that he had died in the book. You couldnt get hurt like that anymore. The fear you must have had of your husband's must have made you even more weiry to get re-married, when you grow older you still have the miss-fortune of your son and how Jack was taking away from you again and again. xx

Hi Cassie. I brought your book on the Sunday and had finished it by Thursday, I couldn't put it down! This is the most powerfull book I have ever read, I went through such a spectrum of emotions, at times I felt your pain, sadness for the childhood you lost but ultimately this book has inspired me to be a better boyfriend to my wonderful girlfriend and a fantastic father when we have children. Thank you for sharing your story. Craig x

Dear Cassie Harte!

I'm Nina Bersenkowitsch from Austria!

I've read your book "I did tell, I did!" and while reading, i often was close to tears. I can't imagine how cruel people can be. It's incredible of what some humans are capable of.
I wanted to tell you that this book is one of the most stirring ones I've ever read! Trough your stile of writing, everybody recognizes that you experienced these things on your own, and therefore I feel very sorry for you!

I'm 18 years old, and I'm in the Matura class now. I don't know if you are informed about it, but we have to be proficient in a certain field in every subject, and in english i have chosen "child abuse".
I wanted to ask you if you would mind asking you a few questions? I hope it's not unpolite or something like that! I just thought that it would be a good idea for my special field.
I hope you will answer soon!

Best wishes :)
Nina Bersenkowitsch

hya cassie.im not relly a book reader if am honest, i carnt seem to get into them,but i was in Asda with my boyfriend on the book isle and ur book cought my eye, i started readin in as soon as i got home, i couldn't part my self from it, i found my self readin it atwork to an from work an befoure i went to bed.I cried a lot threw your sad an happy times,my hart goes out to u. readim the book has been a eye opener, and i am very greatfull for my very close, supportive, loving family and boyfriend, i wish u all the beas for the future. I'l look forward to reading your other books, god bless luv lisa x

Danyella Pow 09 February at 22:18
Hi Cassie, Just wanted to tell you iv just finished reading your book. Was absolutley gripped. Read it from beginning to end. What an incredible woman you are. I am so pleased there was happy ending!! How lovely it is that you are now truly happy, so pleased for you! And i would def like to read a second 1!! Your book has touched me.
Much love. x

dear cassie ,just in the middle of your book,I DID TELL I DID.its one of those books you pick up and cant put down.thankyou for sharing your life story.it must have been so hard for you.just wanted to wish you well for the future.hope the rest of your life shines .you deserve it.[off to get back into my book] .xxjoy sharman

Cassie i ahev just this minute finished your book i can honestly admit i didnt buy it myself. though it was left at my house by a friend who herself was abused as a child i read it in a few hours i couldnt put it down it made me understand more about wat she and other woman like her including yourself have went through i cried most of the book but i was happy to see you found love at last. thank you cassie for making me understand how to help my friend cope with wat shes been through ur truly an insperation Tricia xxxx

Hello Mrs.Cassie Harte,

My name is Moira and i'm 23years old from malta....sorry if my english writing sometimes maybe is not that good..anyway, i wanted to congratulate you for your book 'I did tell, I did'...while reading your book i felt very sorry for your past, but you know what?! i went through the same experience that you had maybe it wasn't that bad as yours but even i when i was younger i was sexually abused and now after reading your story it's like i'm feeling alot better, you made me like re-born, i feel like completely not alone, to tell the others aswell what i went from...the courage that you had to tell your story will make those people like me to feel alot better and to open their hearts...at least that's what i did after reading your book! i adore you!! and i'm glad for you that beautiful things happened to you after what you've passed!
I want to thank you for your very interesting and give-us-courage book and because of you i feel alot better!
like we maltese say, after the rain, there will be sun!!

With Love,
hello Cassie! hopefully you have recieved my email but even just an email is'nt enough for wanting to express my feelings and emptions about this book!! today marks the day I've finished it and well I wish I was there at the time to just give you a hug and tell you everything would be ok. Nearly all the girls in my school have bought your book and words cant explain how you have captured their hearts with that remarkable story. Hope your dear husband is well, and Lucy and Mellisa are fine! :] love always, -paria

this is the best book i have ever read, as it all happened to me mostly i could relate with what cassie was saying. it was very sad from begining to end, but a book u couldnt put down.i am so looking forward to her next book as she is a very brilliant writer who lets u understand the story as told by cassies younger life.review on Amazon Corina

Hi Cassie, started reading your book today after lunch and literally could not put it down. Just finished about an hour ago - housework gone to pot! What a moving story and could relate well to the medication issues as the same thing happened to me. When is your next book due out - must place an order! Many thanks for being brave enough to write your life story. Love and blessings, Lynda x
lynda wilkinson Posted:

Hi Cassie

I have just finished reading your book I Did Tell I Did. I just wanted to email you to tell you how much I admire you for finding the courage to speak out and you are definitely a woman to look up to. Your story was heart breaking to read but also a book I couldn't put down. It opens up the eyes of the public to what really goes on behind closed doors and I am sure it has raised awareness of child abuse greatly. You will be respected immensley by so many people and I would just like to thank you for sharing your story with us, you are a very brave woman.

Yours sincerely

Natasha Griffiths

Just read I did tell,I did, wow what a roller coaster of emotions I felt reading this book, which was incidently given to me by my 16 year old daughter who had read it, part of me was reading it through her eyes, and feel it was so well writen about such a sensitive subject, that will have given my daughter knowledge and awareness of an unfortunate ongoing problem in todays society. thank you

my ex bought me your book for christmas, and yours and Dave Pelzer's actually made me cry, so if i could, i'd give you both big hugs. im only doind my AS levels, but your story has had quite an impact. my friends think im weird for reading books like yours xD i take psychology, and after reading your book, i partially understood what you went through with the drugs after we covered things like stress, and i am unbelievably happy at how well you did :) anyway, thankyou for letting the world know. rach x
Rachel Posted:

Dear Cassie,

I have just finished reading your book "I Did Tell, I Did".

I don't know why I chose it when I saw it on the bookshelf while out shopping one day, but I picked it up, read the sleeve and wanted to read more.

I just wanted to write and tell you what a beatiful book it was. It had me in tears many times and the rest of the time, I was astonished with a brick in my throat.

I have never been abused, although I do have a very difficult relationship with my own mum, but I have two very wonderful children and I can not understand, nor get my head around how any mother . . . correction, woman could treat a little girl the way you were treated.

Your book is fantastic and admire you greatly for putting pen to paper and writing it, this must have been extremely difficult for you.

I would love to meet you, just to give you the biggest hug ever, that you deserve.

I truly wish you happiness Cassie, it sounds like now, you are a successful lady, with a loving husband and family and I am so so pleased for you.


I've just read your book 'I did tell, I did' and just wanted to say how inspirational I think you are. I'm a 16 year old girl and cannot imagine the things you went through. Your book is brilliant (but VERY sad), I couldn't put it down. I've recommended it to all my friends. I shall be buying your next book very soon. :)
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i have so much to say i do not know where to start...

How are you? It is so strange, i don't know you, yet i feel so close to you like a sister already; I have bought your book yesterday evening, after thinking twice about it, i have to admit, as i saw the cover, i knew straight away what it was about. I went into the bookshop for my children, as they love to read. after i went out, i couldn't stop thinking about your book, and i decided to have the strenght to buy it; i was in 2 minds about it: would it help me, or would it make things worse for me?
Also, i am writing my own book, of a similar story, and i wanted to see how you managed to write it, as i sometimes feel reserved and worried i would be too crude in my novel for the readers; i also felt, do i write it as "i", or "she"? Sometimes it feels easier to write "she" than I, to be honest...
I am now already halfway through your book, and I find myself calmer, slightly more at peace knowing i am not alone to feel all those feelings, and felt those feelings as a child..
All my life, it has been hard to confide in anyone, and to not feel different from others.
I would like to write you more if that is ok with you, i cannot wait to continue reading, as it feels like a friend in my worse nightmares of life. I havent devoured a book since as i was a teenager!
Thank you for publishing your book, thank you for having the courage, thank you for helping others, thank you for accepting me as a friend.

Yours trully,


C'ra Shin commented on your wall post:

"you are welcome, Cassie.

yeah, I think I did... I learnt many things from your story; to move on even if you felt scared and hurt. and from everything I learnt, I wanted to thank you.

take care of yourself, and thanks for the inspirations that you have gave me... and to everyone that had read your book. I am well sure that they felt the same way too..."

I read your book "I did tell, I did" I was riveted - you have an excellent way of portraying feelings and emotions. I feel your book helped me work through a lot that happened to me as a child - better than any psychologist ever has! I bought 4 copies of your book as presents for others I know benefited from reading it...I Recently read your book 'I Did Tell, I Did' and i suddenly felt the urge to get in contact with you.
I Read The Whole Book in One Evening i got so into it.
whilst reading it i went through so many emotions.... sometimes i felt sad sometimes angry n sometimes happy, i felt very empathetic towards you.
i think its so brave of you to have written this book as it really is an inspirational piece of literature which im sure has touched so many people, i know it certainly did me,
You sound like an amazing woman and have deffinitely came out the other end the winner for you are happy with your life now and have achieved alot whereas the others seemed to of achieved nothing but some form of hatred.
Sorry For the random email lol

Elise xxxx

Just finished 'I did tell, I did'...moved me beyond words! Thank you for sharing your story! Youre such an inspiration! Fiona X.".

I cant believe YOU replied!! I read your book + cried + cried! Your story is incredible + youre so strong! My own Mum didnt want me either + I too am on antidepressents, but like you, I wanted to turn the hurt into something good as we have empathy! Im now a paliative care Nurse + I find it so v humbling! Im truly in awe of you! Im buying several copies of your book for my friends! You are something else! If you were my mum, I'd be so so proud! I AM! + Im not related to you! BIG love, Fi xxx
Fiona P

Hi Cassie.

I don't know why I write you this email.
I am Aini. I am from Malaysia. I hope you do know about Malaysia. lol
I just finished reading your book.
I thank God that your book is being sold here.
If it was not, I would have not be able to read one of the most touching and inspiring story that I've ever read.
Sorry if my English is bad. English is not my mother tongue.
I know that the chances that you would read my email is very slim as you must have received thousands of emails from your fans.
I just want to tell you that your writing really touched me and more importantly, inspired me.
I was really moved by it.
I cried most of the time when I read your book.
You are indeed a miracle.
To be able to write the book and shared it with the world, it proves that you are amazing.
You are loved by all of your fans, including me.
I googled you to find out if you have produced other books than "I did tell,I did".
However, I could not find any.
What happen to "Nobody Tell Me?"
Whatever it is, I will always support you.
I would be over the moon if you would reply me back.
I will keep hoping.
Just like you did.
Thanks for reading this.
I wish you all the best in your life.

with love,
Hi Cassie,

First of all I would like to say Wow! I can not believe I am sitting here able to send you an email. I have literally just put your book I DID TELL, I DID down. Over the past few days all I have spoke to any one about is your book. When I had a few minutes spare I was reaching for your book. If I wasn't at college I had your book in my hand, Even in work and on the bus! I have read many books similar to your own but none of which have had such impact on me. You have done so well for yourself. All the way through the book I kept screaming to myself and making myself angry, feeling for you. I had discussed with many people ways the book could end. For some reason I never imagined the outcome. I think reading your book will definetly make me pay more attention to things in my life a bit more. I have so much to say to you but can not put it into words. I've somed it up best I can, Now all I can think to say is WELL DONE! x
Danni xxx
Joanne September 14, 2010 at 10:33pm
Hello Cassie

I have just recently read your book "I did tell, I did" and it truely does belong amongst the best selling titles. I have read a number of autobiographies and have to say that yours above all was the one that I coundn't stop reading- I have to say you are amazing. I think I have felt every emotion whilst reading about your life. You are an amazing person.
I myself also suffered at the hands of people who were ment to care, so for some part can appreciate where you come from. I believe what doesnt kill you makes you stronger- and here we are!!

I wish you every luck with your up and coming titles and hope you have settled into your new home.

Best wishes


Hi Cassie. I loved your book,I am currently a nursing student from Australia and very much admire and thank you for telling your story. Although I obviously will never understand what you went through as a child I think I now have a better understanding and hopefully if I ever come across someone that has been in your situation I will be able to see the signs and hopefully help in some way. I'm sure you have helped and will continue to helping many young women who never thought they would be able to speak out. Your amazing xx
Hayley Posted:

Hello, I'm Sandeep from Leicester, I'm 13 years old and I've been reading your book, I DID TELL I DID, and let me tell you; I've never been so much into a book in my life. I've never cried at a book until now. When I read the last few pages I thought to myself, there's got to be some way of getting in contact with you, so I typed your name into google and there it was; your email address. I'd just like to tell you that you're an amazing person, in inspiration to many of us out there. I'm really glad you have a good life now and you're back on your feet. Really; congratulations!
I've got so many thoughts but too many too write, all I can say was I truly loved your book, it had me speechless. I've recommended your book too my friends at school I liked it that much.

Renee SparrowNovember 24, 2010 at 9:35pm
Hi Cassie,
My name is Renee and I live in Brisbane Australia.
I have just finished reading your book. I cried and cried and cried so much. Oh how I feel so connected to you!! My life story is similar to yours, not as bad if that's the right word, but i do know what it is like to have your childhood ripped away from you.
You are an inspiration and a true survivor.
Thank you for getting your story out there so people like me and all over the world can see what a true survivor you are and THAT can help people out there in similar situations to see that they are true survivors aswell as your book has made me feel.
I have been with my husband for 12 years and I have never spoken to him about my abuse, not that I have never wanted to it is just too hard and painful, but after finishing your book today I think I might talk to him about it now.
So thank you again for writing your book and I cant wait until Nobody Told Me comes out.
Renee xo

Hi Cassie,
Thankyou for the strength you have in being able to share your story and for the voice you have given the child within. The precious child who has finally been heard, believed, honoured and is now loved as she deserves. One massive cyber hug for you!! I'm sooooo proud of you and can't imagine how tough the process was.
I work with children and will be even more present when listening to their voices, helping them know it's ok to be who they are and keeping them safe.
Are there any childrens books you could recommend for me to buy and read with them?
Much love,