I DID TELL, I DID by Cassie Harte. Sunday Times Number One Bestseller!

Born out of wedlock into a post-war legacy of the pre-war moralities, a little girl suffers horrific sexual abuse at the hands of her mother's lover. Her childhood is dominated by the secret knowledge that her life is different from other kids, and by fifteen she is hooked on prescribed tranquillisers; the start of twenty-five years of dependency.

At seventeen she falls in love, but is devastated to discover that the boy she wants to marry is her own half-brother. More shocking still is the revelation that her abuser is her biological father. But most harrowing of all is her mother's poison mixture of complicity, cruelty and denial.

Thrown out of home and married, she is still a stranger to sex. After one act of intimacy results in her first pregnancy, her marriage fails and she seeks solace in an affair. This young woman now finds herself mother to a baby boy as well as an infant girl, but when the Social Services step in she has to make the most agonising choice of her life. She must decide between her son and her daughter - or she will lose them both. After two more failed marriages, a magical love affair changes her life, and she prepares herself for the horrors of withdrawal from tranquillisers before setting out on the path to self-discovery.

I DID TELL, I DID, is not a victim story but a success story, and inspirational to all who read it. It's not bitter and it's not forgiving. It is all about saying goodbye to horror and pain and how to live the rest of your life. It is nothing less than a testament of Hope.