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NOBODY TOLD ME is now on sale on KOBO, NOOK, and Kindle. Please press the link to view or buy.


This is the link for my second book NOBODY TOLD ME.

Just click on the link and it will take you to the place where you can buy my book and also I DID TELL I DID.

After you have read it would you please write a review on the page of the site you purchased it for me.

The link:

Thank you


Well it's here at last. NOBODY TOLD ME is on as we speak. On Kindle and Nook etc as an e-book then on Monday6th October as a paperback on Amazon. Please leave either a review on Amazon or on here, or both. Thank you X


I DID TELL I DID is still selling so thank you everyone. I still need to keep the momentum going as this will help with my second book NOBODY TOLD ME. Publishers are reluctant to take the next book because the timescale, my lifetime, is the same. But the book is very different. It focuses on my relationship with GP prescribed medication and how this influenced my whole life. Look under NOBODY TOLD ME and read the first chapter. You can also join my Facebook group of the same name and leave a comment in support of this book being published.

Thank you everyone for your support and love and keep the letters and comments coming. I will answer everyone. Luv Cassie x

Everything done now, contracts signed and 'I DID TELL, I DID.. ' will be published by Harper Collins in November 2009.


I have begun my second book, which is a sequel to first,it is currently called 'Don't Call the Doctor' The story of how a 25 year dependency affected decisions in my life, the horrors of withdrawal from these GP prescribed drugs. It will also have a section  about alternatives to medication and a survival strategy for withdrawing. Watch this space!

Waiting for Tuesday, D day as far as my book is concerned. Next step editorial. Can't wait to see the cover ideas. Book Two started and will be ready later this year. No stopping me now!

Big Big day. Contract with Harper Collins signed and winging itself back to London as I write! Roll on November!!

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